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Wong Anthony

Name: Wong Anthony
Native name: 黃秋生
Given name: Perry Anthony
Also Known as: Huang Qiu Sheng; Wong Cau Sang; Anthony Wong Chau Sang
Nationality: Hong Konger
Gender: Male
Born: September 2, 1961

Anthony Wong Chau-sang (born Anthony Perry on September 2, 1961) is a Hong Kong Film Award-winning Hong Kong actor, screenwriter and film director. He is regarded as one of the most notable actors in Hong Kong.
Wong was born to an English father and a Chinese mother. His father left his family when he was four, prompting Wong to use his mother's surname. He began his acting career when he joined ATV's training programme and enrolled into The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Although he spoke little English while growing up, Wong states that he tended to be considered as a "foreigner" by Hong Kong people and film professionals, because his Caucasian ethnicity was very apparent early in his career; as he grew older, however, his features became "more Chinese".
Wong has been a veteran of Hong Kong films for nearly 20 years. Wong is a talented and versatile actor who has played a variety of roles, yet it is his antagonistic roles which many fans in the West will remember him best. With hits such as Hard Boiled, The Heroic Trio and its sequel, as well as his Golden Horse-winning performance in the horrific The Untold Story (in which he played a real-life serial killer who made human meat buns out of his victims) Wong shot to stardom. He stated in an interview that his mixed ethnicity initially caused him to be typecast as a villain, due to racism in the Hong Kong film industry.
In 1994, Wong made another breakthrough performance in the action drama Rock n' Roll Cop. He also appeared in three of the Young and Dangerous films as Tai Fei, an enemy, and then, later a friend to Ekin Cheng's Chan Ho-nam. In 1995, Wong made his directorial debut in The New Tenant. Wong continued his success in supporting roles in films like Infernal Affairs (2002) and The Medallion (2003). Wong reprised his Hong Kong Film Award winning role of Superintendent Wong in the prequel Infernal Affairs II (2003). Aside from acting, Wong is also the lead singer of a local Hong Kong punk rock band. Wong appeared on The Painted Veil. Wong is one of the villains in the 2008 blockbuster The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor as a dangerous military zealot.
In a 2005 interview, Wong stated that amongst his prolific output in the 1980s and 1990s, a considerable amount were poor and exploitative movies such as Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union which he does not hold in high esteem. He has no regrets, however, because he needed the money to support his wife, two sons and his mother.
Wong also appears as a regular cast member in the Kung Fu Soccer TV series.
Wong married in 1991.The couple firstly fell in love when they were 16.They have 2 sons.