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Choi Soo Jong

Name: Choi Soo Jong
Native name: 최수종
Also Known as: Choe Su Jong ; Choi Su Jong
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: December 28, 1962

Choi Soo Jong (alternately Choi Su-Jong, born on December 28, 1962) is a South Korean actor. Choi made his debut in 1987 as a young actor in the TV soap opera 'Love Tree'. He has appeared in movies, television and as an MC on various award shows. He has received worldwide recognition for his leading roles in several highly successful shows. Most recently he garnered acclaim for his portrayals of the principal characters in the Korean historical dramas Emperor of the Sea in the role of Jang Bogo, and as the title character Dae Joyoung in the epic series Dae Jo Yeong (TV series).
When reflecting on his more than twenty years as an actor, Choi said "To an actor, fame is short, but acting is long."
As a public figure and social activist, Choi Soo Jong has sought to project an image of integrity and wholesomeness. His fidelity to his wife and dedication to his role as father and husband are widely discussed in the media, although he strives to retain his family's privacy. Choi also openly discusses his commitment to clean living through regular exercise and healthy eating. Despite his advancing age, Choi continues to accept physically challenging roles that require horseback riding, combat and swordsmanship, and exposure to extreme temperatures. His youthful appearance and physical fitness allow Choi to play characters much younger than his actual age.
Despite Choi's image of integrity and health, in 2007 his career was briefly overshadowed by scandal. In a series of news stories, it was revealed that several high-profile Korean actors had falsified their academic credentials. Choi was among those whose educational background on his resume proved to be exaggerated and included untrue information. Choi tearfullly apologized for misleading the public.
In 2010, Choi was cast in a lead role in Legend of the Patriots, a remake of the 1975 series Comrades. According press release from KBS, Choi found acting in a war drama even more challenging than the historical dramas he is known for. When asked why he chose to pursue the challenging genre of war drama, Choi stated "There is a problem though that the more I act, the more I become greedy for acting. What do I have to do from now on? Anyway, I want to remain as a good actor as I put more effort into managing myself"."
Choi is married to actress Ha Hee Ra, a Hwagyo. They have two children together: son Min-seo and daughter Yoon-seo. Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra's happy marriage is a well-known in Korea. When Ha was pregnant, Choi did the housework, cooked, and let her rest, a fact that has made Choi very popular with Korean women and jokingly scorned by Korean men. In a television interview in early 2010, Choi's wife Ha stated the her husband is a better housekeeper than she is. Choi is frequently seen text messaging and making phone calls with his wife Ha Hee Ra while filming and was even documented doing so in the television special for Emperor of the Sea.
Choi has a reputation amongst co-stars as funny and bright. He is known as a jokester on the set that has earned him the title "NG Mawang" (NG Master). When he makes an NG (blooper), he attempts to make light of his error.
In his free time, Choi enjoys playing soccer on Sunday mornings. In 2008, Choi announced that he would also begin studying English in his spare time.

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