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Hu Sibelle

Name: Hu Sibelle
Native name: 胡慧中
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Female
Born: May 4, 1958

Hu graduated from Faculty of History of the National Taiwan University in 1981. In the beginning of her career, Hu mainly acted in romantic movies. She was thought to be the successor of Brigitte Lin. Her debut film, Your Smiling Face (歡顏) was the biggest-grossing Taiwanese film in Hong Kong. Hu's career focused on melodramatic romantic films including I sing I cry (我歌我泣 ), The Coldest Winter in Peking (皇天后) (for which she was nominated for the Golden Horse as Best Actress in 1981), and A Flower in the Storm (飄零的雨中花). In 1985 she co-starred with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in My Lucky Stars (福星高照) and continued throughout most of the Lucky Stars series. Beginning in 1986, Hu often starred in action movies playing a police officer. Starting in 1988 she started acting in the movie series The Inspector Wears Skirts (霸王花). Hu was seriously burned in an explosion stunt during the filming of Devil Hunters, but eventually recovered.
Hu's career faded in the late 1990s, when she retired and married a businessman. She has since been seen with her husband at various social functions, and in 2000, gave birth to her first child.

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