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Ikuta Toma

Name: Ikuta Toma
Native name: 生田斗真
Also Known as: Tomasu ; Toma-chan
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: October 7, 1984

Ikuta Toma used to be in a variety show for kids called Tensai Terebi kun. Being a member of a then all-children band called Strawberry Parfait, he was popular with the audience. He was then offered an opportunity to join Johnny's Entertainment, together with a fellow bandmate in Strawberry Parfait. He auditioned, got accepted and began to participate under Johnny's Jr in February 1996.

The 2007 Fuji TV summer drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, controversial in its gender-bending nature, was perhaps Toma's biggest break in Japanese Entertainment.

High school best friend of actor, Tomohiro Kaku.
Attended Meiji University.
The name "Tomasu" was used to be his "trademark" as he hosted a show named Meitantei Tomasu in the Shounen Club program.
His family consists of a father, a mother named Hiromi, a younger brother named Ryuusei, and a dog named JAM-chan.
His father wanted to name him Ikuta Tamegorou, but his mother changed it to Toma because it was easier to say.

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