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Matsuoka Masahiro

Name: Matsuoka Masahiro
Native name: 松岡昌宏
Also Known as: Mabo; Maa-kun
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: January 11, 1977

Masahiro Matsuoka (松岡 昌宏, Matsuoka Masahiro, born January 11, 1977) is a Japanese drummer and actor.
He is a member of Tokio, a Johnny Entertainment musical group. His nicknames are Mabo and Maa-kun. He starred as Shinichi Ozaki in Godzilla: Final Wars., and comedy series Yasuko to Kenji.
Matsuoka joined the pop/rock band Tokio as a drummer in 1990, although the band did not debut until 1994. Along with other Tokio members, he was a background dancer for idol bands such as Hikaru Genji.
Matsuoka has had parts in over 20 dramas. His first lead role was in Psychometrer Eiji, a 1997 mystery science fiction drama. In 2008 he starred a comedy series Yasuko to Kenji, based on a comical manga by artist Aruko.
Matsuoka has endorsed various brands with the band Tokio and by himself. With Tokio, he has endorsed among others Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Eneos, a brand for Nippon Oil.

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