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Motoki Masahiro

Name: Motoki Masahiro
Given name: Uchida Masahiro
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: December 21, 1965

Motoki Masahiro, born December 21, 1965 in Okegawa, Japan, is a Japanese actor and former member of the pop trio “Shibugaki Tai” (1982-1988) under Johnny & Associates.
When the band broke up, he turned to acting. His first main role in film was as a Zen monk in comedy 'Fancy Dance' directed by Suo Masayuki. Motoki again starred in Suo's next film 'Sumo Do, Sumo Don't' which practically introduced Motoki to the audience outside Japan. He then worked with directors such as Miike Takashi and Tsukamoto Shinya.
His breakthrough on the international stage came with the 2008 film 'Departures' directed by Takita Yojiro. He played cellist-turned-mortician protagonist in this dramatic film which received the Best Foreign Language Film award at the 81st Academy Awards. The film project started from Motoki's idea after he read a book written by an encoffinment professional.
He married essayist and musician Uchida Yayako, daughter of actress Kiki Kirin and actor/rock singer Uchida Yuya. He took her surname as his own, so his real name is now Uchida Masahiro.

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